Whelan's Bridge Viaduct

Bypass Structures & Civil Works:

Structure No. 1 - Whelan's Bridge Viaduct

This structure is a 196m long 6 span viaduct, which carries the new N25 mainline over the existing Lacka Road and Whelansbridge river. The sub-structure consists of 2 no. abutments, 5 no. intermediate piers. The superstructure consists of 78 no. precast concrete U-beams and a 250mm deep reinforced concrete deck slab. At its highest point, the bridge deck level will be 30m over the valley below.
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14 – S43 – Newrath Link 1, Blackwater River Bridge.
This structure is a 49.5m single span bridge with a composite steel/concrete deck.  It consists of 2 no. pile supported abutments with 5 no. steel beams (2.5m deep) supporting a 0.2m thick concrete deck slab.